Booher Life Vision

I envision my life to eventually become:
* a life of worship
* a life of service
* a life of learning
* a life of joy

I picture myself as a man who:
* to be morally pure and dedicated to God
* has time for people, elder in the church
* can play piano
* can talk about history
* is deep, can engage with people
* can speak german, spanish, etc (languages)
* is a subject matter expert
* is in shape
* can write
* is engaged in a number of communities
* is good in chess

Every day I want to be cultivating:

* racing schedule
* general fitness

h2. Studia Humanitatis

comprising grammar, rhetoric, moral philosophy, poetry and history

h3. Grammar

Grammar is the field of linguistics that covers the conventions governing the use of any given natural language.
Learning languages

Fluency in how the world works in the following subject matters:
* Business and Economics
* Fine Arts and Music
* Literature & English Language
* Philosophy & Intellectual History
* Religion
* Science and Mathematics
* Social Sciences

h3. Rhetoric

Rhetoric is the art of using language as a means to persuade
I want to learn how to write, to communicate effectively, to be a ‘man of letters’
I am convinced that I learn more by production and synthesis than input

h3. Moral Philosophy

Devotional understanding

h3. Art (poetry)

Music: piano, on basement . . .

h3. History

Understanding the past

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