Hard drive mirroring With Unison and the DNS-323

My requirements:
– All files on my laptop will be on my DNS-323 Network attached storage device
– Any changes made to the shared drive on the DNS-323 will propagate to my Mac
– This happens securely and safely

The problem is that there are scant resources online to do this. (Isn’t this done frequently?) I am worried that there is a better implementation for this, but it is the best way forward.

I did find “this link”:http://www.edsalisbury.net/linux/how-to-set-up-a-two-way-mirror-between-mac-os-x-and-ubuntu-linux/, “this one”:http://www.macgeekery.com/gspot/2006-07/complete_bi_directional_home_sync_and_backup_with_unison and “this”:http://www.payne.org/index.php/Mac_OS_X_File_Sync. But they didn’t really answer my question on how to get everything working with a DNS-323.

Previously, I hacked my DNS-323 to give me ssh access as well as installed the ipkg manager to install files. However, it seems no-one has installed unison on the DNS-323 before.

I am currently working on this and trying to figure out if I need to install unison on the DNS-323 or not. I am also worried that no-one else seems to be doing this. I generally arrive late to the party on this stuff, what are other folks doing for this?

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