Month: January 2014

  • Review: Lone Survivor Movie

    Today, I watched the Lone Survivor with two friends and was once again reminded of the brevity of life, the importance of principle and the value of friendship. I found the movie to be a masterful combination of plot, emphasis and character development. It is tough to capture the breadth emotions present in Marcus Luttrell’s…

  • WordPress Automatic Updates

    If you want to get WordPress to accept automatic updates and are running your own server, you want the flexibility to not go through these steps every time an update arrives. You also want good security. I had to do this recently on several sites and thought I would share my notes.

  • TelexFree — Higher fidelity model

    My previous post on TelexFree was the result of a quick spreadsheet model that assumed a geometric growth rate that was uniformly assumed for all members. On a recent flight, I built an object oriented model in MATLAB to more realistically show how telex works. This is a really fascinating system.