Amana 7200TW Door Latch Replacement

Quick post, just to help others who might find themselves in a similar situation regarding a front-end loader washer with a door latch that doesn’t close

Big trouble . . . door latch broke on our amana front end loader. First thing I do when I need to fix something is look for ownership so I can decide which part to get. A quick appliance 411 showed me that they are owned by Maytag which has been part of Whirlpool since 2002. This problem bothered my wife for months as she put heavy stuff in front of the washer. From extensive travel and work, I just found out tonight that I needed to get this fixed, stat.

First thing to do . . . get an exact part number, so I took a picture of the model number from the back.

picture from back

Yes, I could read this and type it in search engines, or I could just push through an online ocr tool like and get:


Several months ago, we ordered this, but appliancepartspros sent us a slightly different part and I had to modify it with an angle grinder to remove the bevel.


In the end this didn’t work at all, which was incredibly frustrating. So tonight, I did a new web-search and found this video on youtube, which convinced me to replace the receiver, which looks like this:

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 9.04.23 PM

I found this part cheaper on amazon here and found a nice summary of all parts here.

Importantly, I found the rosetta stone below that let me know that the best part number to search on was 8182634.

Part Number 8182634 (AP3837611) replaces 34001265, 8181700, 1094190, AH972231, DC64-00519B, EA972231, PS972231.

They also had another good video here and I confirmed using Appliance Compatibility Tool that “Yes- This high quality, original factory replacement part is compatible with NFW7200TW10.”

I didn’t want to be delayed by missing the correct strike, so I found the Whirlpool 8181651 Door Strike here (it seemed the cheapest) and quickly bought it for ~$5.

The whole fix took about 30 minutes. The most difficult part was keeping track of the screws. Some of the front screws were really tight and I had to use a drill. The top took a lot of tugging and pulling to get off.

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  1. I have the Amana NFW7200TW. and the door strike split at the end. I ordered the official part 3 times, and the part I got was something that looks like the part, but the beveled? (side lip) seems to be raised on the edges, and the door won’t actually shut properly. Will this part#8181651 work? is it smooth/flush and not beveled? I’ve ordered the part, and I hope it works.

  2. Just want to say that this post was exactly what I needed. Thanks for writing this up!

  3. Brenda Watts says:

    Thank you!!! I also ordered 2 latches and they were both beveled! Not until we watched your video and took the actual receiver out, and saw it is Not OPENING to receive the latch. That’s why the part in the door cracked to begin with. So I ordered both parts you linked. Feeling like we can get this fixed. This washer sucks anyway, it shakes the house so much when it washes. We had repairman out 3 times to balance it, and they are unable to help. I have to shove it back into place after every load.

  4. This is single handily why the internet should exist, well done and much appreciated! From the links to the professionalism, top notch friend. Thank you so much for making this as seemless as possible, may I suggest getting a Jeep Wrangler so you can help me along those lines please as well..? You rock, thanks again!

  5. Catherine says:

    Thank you for posting this. Helped me fix my washer when replacing just the latch didn’t work.

    The fix takes about 30 minutes max and the parts linked were exactly what I needed. Cost me $80 instead of the price of a new washer/dryer.

    I wish I had known that I didn’t have to take the top/front panel off. Instead, it’s easier to remove the gasket and go in through the side. Then it’s only three screws and you don’t have to call your friend’s husband up to help you move the dryer off the washer. I think this approach would work for everyone but those with giant hands.

  6. Thank you sir ! You are a lifesaver ! I can have clean underwear now !

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