Category: Editorial

  • Evolution, Faith and Modernity

    Tonight, I just finished Francis Collins’ book “The Language of God” where he lays out the basic facts of genetics and the human genome, denounces Creationism and rejects Intelligent Design theory, rebukes Richard Dawkins, and generally sets a tone for reasonableness between Christians and scientists. This is a lot of disjoint topics, and while he…

  • FlexEvents: WOD 3 Simulation

    During a recent CrossFit competition, flex on the mall, we had to accomplish a team chipper in which we were able to pick the order of team members in order to minimize our workout time. The workout was simple: 50 burpees, 40 over the box jumps, and 30 kettle-bell snatches. Each exercise had to be…

  • New Blog Title

    I’ve always been intrigued by the story of the Harvard applicant who penned a three word answer to an essay prompt of “what is courage?” The myth has that he was accepted. I like the story because it highlights the risk and reward trade that we calculate in all our decisions.

  • Get congressional district data to display on d3.js

    I’m trying to get congressional district data to display on d3.js so I can do some cool overlays. The trick is to get matlab to comply.