Smooth Move

My twelve year old daughter is working a science fair project on electricity and home usage. As part of her project, we have been taking lots of measurements of the electricity usage throughout our house. This provided a great opportunity to talk about smoothing and for me to publicly work Continue Reading

Weaponizing the Weather

“Intervention in atmospheric and climatic matters . . . will unfold on a scale difficult to imagine at present. . . . this will merge each nation’s affairs with those of every other, more thoroughly than the threat of a nuclear or any other war would have done.” — J. Continue Reading

What was the most Geeky Event in History?

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While I can’t get into the background here, I was recently asked to describe the most geeky event in history. Something like this is hard to bound and as I asked those around me I got lots of answers from moment the zero was invented (“without that, you got nothing”) Continue Reading