Some tax-time automation

I often struggle to find the right balance between automation and manual work. As it is tax time, and Chase bank only gives you 90 days of statements, I find myself every year going back through our statements to find any business expenses and do our overall financial review for Continue Reading

Family Photo Management

Post still in work Our family pictures were scattered over several computers, each with a unique photo management application. In an effort to get a good backup in place. I moved all my pictures to one computer where I accidentally deleted them. (Long story.) I was able to recover them Continue Reading

Excel Sorting and Grouping

I had two tables downloaded from Amazon: Items Order Date Order ID Title Category 1/26/14 102-4214073-2201835 Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook 1/13/14 115-8766132-0234619 Awesome Book A 1/13/14 115-8766132-0234619 Awesome Book B and Orders Order Date Order ID Subtotal 1/6/14 102-6956821-1091413 $43.20 1/13/14 115-8766130-0234619 $19.42 1/16/14 109-8688911-2954602 $25.86 I’m building our Q1 Continue Reading