Radar parameter estimation

Here we tackle what a Radar needs to accurately measure a target’s position, size and motion. (This is nothing new, just a placeholder for some of my notes.) First of all, everything depends on $SNR$, and the parameter estimation happens in the main computer of a Radar. The theoretical rms Continue Reading

Render CSV in Rails

First I read the docs at: rubydoc.info to understand how FasterCSV is now in the ruby standard library. Then, I set up the following code: #config/initializers/csv_renderer.rb require 'csv' class Array alias old_to_csv to_csv #keep reference to original to_csv method def to_csv # override only if first element actually has as_csv method return Continue Reading

Your key with fingerprint … is not authorized to access heroku with Ubuntu

This error was pretty hard to solve. I emailed heroku support and they recommended: “https://github.com/ddollar/heroku-accounts”:https://github.com/ddollar/heroku-accounts bq. For git commands to work git needs to use the ssh key associated with that account. It’s probably choosing a key associated with a different account which is causing these permissions errors. You can Continue Reading

UTAPS: Mark an IDT as complete

UTAPS is terrible software. I wasted a half hour today going through the source code to figure out how to mark an IDT as complete. I have no idea how folks who don’t understand web codes can navigate this system. Why not include a button? Really?