UTAPS: Mark an IDT as complete

UTAPS is terrible software. I wasted a half hour today going through the source code to figure out how to mark an IDT as complete.

I have no idea how folks who don’t understand web codes can navigate this system.

Why not include a button? Really?



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3 responses to “UTAPS: Mark an IDT as complete”

  1. Scott Avatar

    Did you ever figure it out? I’m trying to figure it out myself right now?

    1. Peter Avatar

      UTAPS is awful. What method did you folks use to resolve this? I’m sitting here, stuck, with the UTAPS help desk being particularly unhelpful.

  2. Patches Avatar

    In case anyone else ever comes here, I finally got it to work using Internet Explorer. Make sure to add af.mil to your list of sites that should load in compatibility mode.

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