Automated form 40As

Recently, I had to produce form 40A’s in order to claim military leave. As a computer scientist, I found the process to be horrific and felt compelled to share my solution. I didn’t get much help with UTAPSWEB FOR IMAs CHEAT SHEET VERSION 101210. That document is filled with unhelpful Continue Reading

Training Short Codes for USAF IMA Reservists

One of the more frustrating things about the reserves: obscure codes like those above. I find it incredible how poor reserve support is, and unnecessary obscurity shouldn’t be tolerated. For those who wonder what these codes actually mean: Readiness Codes Full course title DOD IA DoD IAA CyberAwareness Challenge V2.0 Continue Reading

Defense Acquisition Certification

Here is a post that I hope is helpful to others out there who can be paralyzed from taking action to getting professional acquisition certifications. What is the official name and background of this program? The official name is the Acquisition Professional Development Program. The Acquisition Professional Development Program (APDP) Continue Reading

IMA equations

Here are some of the questions I had when starting as an IMA. How do you schedule IDTs? You have to be on a .mil domain or else you need to use arrows-r. utaps Who pays? IDTs and the 2-week annual tour are centrally funded. What are my work requirements? Continue Reading

UTAPS: Mark an IDT as complete

UTAPS is terrible software. I wasted a half hour today going through the source code to figure out how to mark an IDT as complete. I have no idea how folks who don’t understand web codes can navigate this system. Why not include a button? Really?

All Air National Guard Forces

google.load(‘visualization’, ‘1’, {packages: [‘geomap’]}); function drawVisualization() { var data = new google.visualization.DataTable(); data.addRows(51); data.addColumn(‘string’, ‘Country’); data.addColumn(‘number’, ‘Guard Authorizations’); data.setValue(0,0,’US-AK’); data.setValue(0,1,723); data.setValue(1,0,’US-AL’); data.setValue(1,1,759); data.setValue(2,0,’US-AR’); data.setValue(2,1,658); data.setValue(3,0,’US-AZ’); data.setValue(3,1,762); data.setValue(4,0,’US-CA’); data.setValue(4,1,1627); data.setValue(5,0,’US-CO’); data.setValue(5,1,464); data.setValue(6,0,’US-CT’); data.setValue(6,1,442); data.setValue(7,0,’US-DC’); data.setValue(7,1,49); data.setValue(8,0,’US-DE’); data.setValue(8,1,374); data.setValue(9,0,’US-FL’); data.setValue(9,1,703); data.setValue(10,0,’US-GA’); data.setValue(10,1,937); data.setValue(11,0,’US-HI’); data.setValue(11,1,735); data.setValue(12,0,’US-IA’); data.setValue(12,1,670); data.setValue(13,0,’US-ID’); data.setValue(13,1,394); data.setValue(14,0,’US-IL’); data.setValue(14,1,1120); data.setValue(15,0,’US-IN’); data.setValue(15,1,635); Continue Reading