Daily Morning Routine

One of the most undervalued skills is the ability to set a routine and stick to it.

Modern workflow is constantly inundated by distractions which can knock us off our game. I know a lot has been written about email, how to shut it off and keep tasks and priorities aligned, but phone calls, and the raw ability to go down any rabbit hole you want to is incredibly dangerous to both getting things done and enjoying life.

Even as I tried to write the content above, I was distracted to send out an email, update my books read on shelfari and start building gift lists for Christmas. I also opened four tabs that I want to look at when I’m done with this post.

Living in the moment is extremely hard. In order to combat this, I’m trying to use the GTD workflow where I put distracting tasks on a piece of paper and throw that into my inbox — using one central list of todo items.

I’m also doing the weekly review and knocking out the two minute tasks. It has really changed things at work. One of the things I’ve struggled with is setting up my morning routine. I’m so obsessive with whatever my latest project might be, that I wake up, check email, and start to code.

When I’m sprinting on something, I put in intense focus and log about 4-8 hours in addition to my 10 to 12 hours on my regular job, to the detriment of devotional life, journaling, family time and fitness. This is weak and unsustainable. In order to deal with this, I’m setting the following rules. Morning will always start in this sequence: 1. Prayer (10 minutes) 2. Scripture (10 minutes) 3. Journaling (10 minutes) Only glace at email until I’m completely done with the above. (This is the hardest rule to follow.)

This morning, the plan is working well. While I am in one of these three phases, I can do nothing else. I’ve noticed that I have to use a book for #2. I’m going to see how well this works. Thoughts?





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  1. Justin Avatar


    Thanks for sharing! I think you would like Michael Hyatt’s blog. Also, what are you using for GTD capture? I’m a fan of OmniFocus.

    1. tim Avatar

      Ha — I’ll have to look at OmniFocus. I have a whole set of software I’ve written myself — I will have to share that on this blog.

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