IMA equations

Here are some of the questions I had when starting as an IMA.

How do you schedule IDTs?

You have to be on a .mil domain or else you need to use arrows-r.


Who pays?

IDTs and the 2-week annual tour are centrally funded.

What are my work requirements?

I am cat A with 48 paid IDTs and 2 week tour is required and my R/R Date is Aug-4.

This is a nice briefing AFD-120503-056.pdf.

What is the R/R date?

12 consecutive months in which an active Guard or Reserve member is required to earn a minimum of 50 points (including membership) for a satisfactory year of federal service.

This defines a “good year”.

key reference:{aaa01f1184b23bc5204459599a780c2efd1a71f819cd2b338cab4b7a2f8e97d4}2036-2254V1.pdf

What is form 40A?

How do OPRs work? Where do you find them?

In work.

-At the end of each training day, write bullet statements on the back of your orders or 40A describing your accomplishments. Provide your supervisor with a copy for your record. This will become input for the OPR/EPR.

-Accomplishments in your civilian profession may be used for an OPR, IF they are pertinent to military skills and leadership

Who do you ask for help and what will you get from them?

Ask the BIMMA or the senior reservist

How much civilian leave do you get?

15 days