Organize Images

I deleted and recovered a large number of photos (thanks foremost). However, a large number of images from a browser cache was messing up my photo library. Who wants to keep 10,000 of these images stored on my harddrive? I used the number of unique colors to filter them out Continue Reading

DEFCON 25 Writeup

Nothing delivers the fear of missing out like DEFCON. So much to learn and so little time. Too busy hacking in the IOT village or catching up with old friends to sit in on the talks? Read below to find out what you missed in my talk writeups below. They Continue Reading

Satisfiability modulo theories and their relevance to cyber-security

Cybersecurity and cryptoanalysis is a field filled with logic puzzles, math and numerical techniques. One of the most interesting technical areasĀ I’ve worked goes by the name of satisfiability modulo theories (SMT) and their associated solvers. This post provides a layman’s introduction to SMT and its applications to computer science and Continue Reading

Some tax-time automation

I often struggle to find the right balance between automation and manual work. As it is tax time, and Chase bank only gives you 90 days of statements, I find myself every year going back through our statements to find any business expenses and do our overall financial review for Continue Reading

Provenance (in Computer Science)

Provenance is the ability to record the history of data and its place of origin. In general, it is the ability to determine the chronology of the ownership, custody or location of any object. The primary purpose of tracing the provenance of an object or entity is often to provide Continue Reading